Cairn Educational Solutions is Lynell Nissley's business platform for providing school psychology services to Anabaptist schools. Check back regularly, as this site will be updated as the business evolves.


Cairns are piles of rocks that are used to mark hiking trails where trees are scarce, such as above the tree line or in deserts. They provide guidance and knowledge to hikers and enable them to be successful at completing their goals. Cairns are needed by individuals in specific settings, and when necessary, they can be a matter of life or death. The symbolism of this name fits the mission of Cairn's services, and it comes from an activity I enjoy.


Mission Statement

The mission of Cairn Educational Solutions is to partner with Anabaptist schools to provide effective services to students who face challenges. I will provide professional assessments of students’ unique learning profiles and individualized recommendations to help parents and teachers meet the students' needs. In addition, I will provide consultation and training sessions to equip the Anabaptist schools and community with increased adequacy in addressing special education, learning disabilities, and related mental health issues.