Why school psychology?

Q. Many private Anabaptist schools have had limited experience with the field of school psychology and may wonder why this field is called school “psychology,” not special education.

A. A significant portion of the work is evaluations, and the cornerstone of these evaluations is standardized tests. Many private schools administer achievement tests periodically, and those achievement tests are an example of group-administered standardized tests. The best intellectual and achievement tests, as well as many related tests for specific disabilities, are individually-administered standardized tests. In addition, best practice during interventions involves ongoing data collection and decision making that resembles small, individualized research projects. Because of the scientific and statistical knowledge required for administration and interpretation of these tests, this field is known as school psychology, but it differs in focus from traditional clinical psychology.

For additional information about school psychology, peruse "Who Are School Psychologists?" by NASP, the National Association of School Psychologists.