Services Offered

This business will grow and evolve based on the needs of the Anabaptist school population that I am serving. The majority of my time is spent on educational evaluations and consultation with parents, teachers, and other interested individuals. I also do informational teaching as requests arise, and I am willing to consider other needs that may develop.

Educational Evaluations

Assessments are a core portion of my services. A complete educational assessment can provide detailed information about why a student struggles in school, a profile of strengths and weaknesses, and guidance for planning educational interventions that will enable the student to be more successful. A typical evaluation includes information collected from parents and teachers, classroom observations, individualized testing with the child, an evaluation meeting with the parents and teachers to present the findings, and a detailed report documenting my conclusions and the supporting rationale. Individualized tests may include intelligence tests and individualized achievement tests, as well as a variety of other tests and profiles when appropriate. I work collaboratively with the parents, teacher, principal, and other pertinent individuals so we can find solutions that accomplish the unique goals of each situation.


Informal consultation occurs when I meet with a teacher to consult about a student or students who have not had an educational assessment. An informal consultation will not involve any direct interaction with the child, but will rather involve being a “sounding board” to discuss issues.

Formal consultation occurs when I meet with a teacher to consult about a student who is on my caseload. This may be a child who has had a full assessment and the teacher/tutor wants additional information, or the case may be that the parents and/or school has requested ongoing, regular consultations prior to an assessment.

Informational Sessions

Based on requests from schools or other educational organizations, I can provide training and informational sessions for teachers and/or parents. Examples of these scenarios include teachers’ conferences, parent-teacher fellowships, in-service days for teachers, or other events where the subjects of ADHD, autism, learning disabilities, dyslexia, or other related topics are pertinent.

Other Services

I am open to suggestions from the Anabaptist schools about additional related services that they would find beneficial.